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Sunday, January 21, 2018




Gasoline Alley Car Shows.com & Hot Rods & Hogg's hosted a 4th of July Party/Car show in Arlington Texas, more than 135 Cars, Trucks & Bikes , filled the parking lot for all to see. There was $2 Bar B Que and drinks, with plenty of music, heat and fun! For car & Bike enthusiast this was a great chance to meet and hang out with other enthusiast they have never met and make new friends. The heat played a factor in the show with most of the entrants and spectators taking refuge inside Hot Rods & Hogg's for cooler air. This car show has continued to grow as each month passes, and we welcome all types of vendors to the show and they have continued to come each month with new wares.
The show as usual was free to the public, and plenty of them took advantage of this and pulled in from the freeway that runs in front of Hot Rods & Hogg's to stop and take a look at all the cars in the parking lot. The cars started rolling in around 10am and by the scheduled show time of 1pm the front lot was almost full. We are looking forward to Labor day week-end and the next Party/Car show that's scheduled. Below are just some of the pictures taken of the show and it's spectators and I apologize for not taking pictures of the rest of the bikes in the bike corral area but I didn't have enough disc.



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